How to search: Enter any name into the search form to find someone's cell phone number. You can also reverse search by cell phone number to find the owner's name and address along with other detailed information about the phone number, history, and account.


Not only can you find cell phone numbers and information about the account, but you can also cross-search any records to search other public and private information such as criminal records and background checks.

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Use this search form to find cell phone numbers by name. Enter someone's first and last name to start. If there are many search results, try to narrow your searhc by including additional information such as state.

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Use this search form to search cell phone numbers to find name and address associated with the account. This is useful for looking up someone's address, verifying information or tracing unknown phone calls.


More on searching cell phone numbers...

It can be unsettling to get calls from a blocked phone number that you can't see. It is common courtesy today to have caller ID to identify the people calling us so that we know who it is, or at least have an idea of whether or not we know them, before we pick up. It may be for privacy concerns or it may just be simple curiosity, but if you aren't sure what number just called you, a reverse lookup cell phone number will identify the last person who contacted you. Sometimes you may be able to dig up the information yourself, but sometimes you may need to use a service to do it.


Free Lookup

The best way to start your search is by simply getting online and doing a Google search for the number that called you, which may be able to give you the name of the person contacting you. If it is a registered business or a company that has a website, you should see who it is right away. This type of search works almost all the time when looking up toll free numbers, as they are required to be registered with the phone companies, but private lines are a different matter. You may need to use an online lookup service in order to find any information on it. If the number is from a landline, and if it is published in the local phone directory, then you will probably be able to find out the name of the person that called you, and maybe even their address too. If it's a cell phone, or they unpublished their number, you will have to pay for the information.


Paid Lookup

When you cannot find what you are looking for with free search, then you end up here. A small fee is charged to access records from our database. The fee will allow you to find out information on private numbers and cell phones though. You put the number into the search box, pay the fee with a credit card, and you will get the name and address you are looking for. You may be able to get extra info through our public records corss-search as well. If you are concerned about the identity of the person that called you or think they are up to something then you may want to do as much digging as you can. You may even be able to find their cellphone usage history or other records that the viewing public normally can't see.


The Legality of This

As long as you are not using the information you get for illegal purposes, it is fully legal to access this information. Specifically you can't use the information to stalk someone, nor can you use it to do any sort of telemarketing. The lookup service has made legal agreements with the databases that they are accessing, which gives them permissions that the public doesn't have. They are also given specific permission to give the information to searchers for a fee. These permissions have been granted to companies in the past, but thanks to the internet they are now available to private individuals as well. You are revealing to them your identity by paying with a credit card or a PayPal account, so there are no legal problems with doing so.